Angelina and Steve

Bodyvation Coaching – Who are we?

We are Angelina & Steve

We started Bodyvation I/S 01.12.2020 as Online Coaching, but where happy to expand with our own Personal Trainer Gym December 2021. Here we, in addition to our coaching business, also offer trainers & instructors space to coach their clients.

With a background of having been overweight ourselves, living with lifestyle issues from arthritis to diabetes, we have the personal experience and passion to help others achieve their health goals too.

We GUARANTIE that you reach your goals, working with you until and not limited to. It’s called UNLIMITED COACHING.

“We give you the knowledge, milage and experience – you bring the will to succeed”

Angelina & Steve

What our clients say about us:



Bodyvation Client 2

They say a mans peak is in his 20’s. … I don’t believe that! Here are 2 versions of me: 21 and 43 years old!

I am a trained fitness instructor myself and was coached by a DM in “Mens Physique” (Bodybuilding)…and still I was stuck in my progress with no change.

Then I met Steve!!! Steve taught me, what you don’t learn training to be an instructor. He corrected my techniques, training and ways of coaching in a language you just cant find in any books. This motivated me BIG TIME and both my training and progress’ have reached new heights.

So if you want to reach new levels in your training and have serious results..? Contact this super experienced and super nice guy, who has tons of training experience and wisdom to share. 

Thomas T.
Weightloss Workshop


Kenneth B.
Bodyvation Client 1

I’ve been severe overweight for many years, trying to loose the weight many times without long term success. Only gaining more than I lost.

Steve put together a diet plan, and was very straight forward about what is realistic and what doesn’t work. 

I lost 41kg in 10 months! I am very happy and regained my self confidence, which in return brought me my girlfriend.

Tonny Torp
Bodyvation Client 3

Coaching from Steve has made me focus on the right exercises that suit my needs and my body.

He helped me adjust my program and has given me the much needed guidance that helped me achieve my personal goals for my health and my body.

Can definitely recommend Steve if you want results.

Thomas Andersen

Tusind tak

Jeg tilmeldte mig et forløb hos Bodyvation da jeg skulle starte min karriere i forsvaret, og det manglede jeg noget hjælp til da jeg skulle bestå en fysik test.

Det var et forløb på 5 uger så tiden var knap, men det jeg fik ud af mit forløb var et professionel og guidet vejledning. Mine ønsker blev taget højde for i forhold til madplan, men også da jeg døjer med skinnebensbetændelse blev det også taget højde for. Så alt i alt har jeg været utrolig glad for mit forløb, jeg har altid glædet mig til at komme ned og træne, og med ro i maven på at komme så godt i mål som muligt. To uger efter jeg er startet i forsvaret og jeg bestod min prøve, og det har været takken værd Angelina og Bodyvation.

Jeg løb 2403 m så lige over 200m over minium kravet. Jeg vil bare sige tusind tak for hjælpen og for hele forløbet. Det har været nogle virkelig gode 5 uger som virkelig har givet mig et kæmpe forspring for testen og har lagt et godt grundlag for min træning, så igen tusind tak

Så jeg vil med varme anbefalinger, anbefale Bodyvation. Ens ønsker og mål bliver imødekommet professionelt og hjælpsomt.

Knus Victoria

Victoria H.
5.00 / 5