Coach Angelina


Personal Nutrition Plans

We care about what goes into your body too. It is all about putting in the most effective fuel for YOUR needs.

When creating your plan we take everything into consideration:

  • How you eat today, to see where you come from.
  • Allergies
  • Injuries
  • Chronical conditions
  • Intolerances
  • Preferences
  • What you absolutely can not live without :)
  • What you absolutely do not like :D

With a FREE consultation your are on your way to more health, energy and quality of life.

Coach Steve


Personalized Training Plans

With a personalized training plan from us, you have a plan that meets you exactly where you are and at the fitness level you are at that moment in time. This ensures healthy joints and that you are able to keep the motivation. As you gain strength, technique experience and get used to the exercises you plans you can get them reviewed and updated to keep you progressing and making the body work for you, not against you.

You have injuries? We give you exercises that HELP you, as well as give you a challenge.

You have conditions that limit your movement or other physical abilities? We give you variations to maximize your progress DESPITE these and if possible help you decrease the conditions…sometimes even bring them to a minimum, so they don’t affect you.

You are only 1 FREE consultation away from progress.

“The body follows, where the mind goes”

Coach Steve


Fit3D Bodyscanning

With our FIT3D BODYSCANNER we come full circle and give you the latest technology in monitoring your progress, cardiovascular health and physical conditions, such as balance and tilting/shifts in the body.

This scanner runs on the most advanced DEXA technology, being even more accurate and complete than any other Body Scanner on the market. Non-Invasive!

Whether you are in a course with one of our personal trainers, you can get a 3D Scan of your body with just one scan. In a few seconds you will get the answer to:

  • Balance distribution
  • Skews
  • Body
  • Cardiovascular Disease risk
  • Fat percentage
  • CM measure from neck to calf
  • Fat mass / Lean Mass
  • Your basic combustion

… and after several scans you will also be able to see the visual changes. The weight is just a number. Most often, your progress is only apparent in clothing or photos.

We offer these scans to our clients, personal trainers and you, who just wants to have a health assessment once in a while.